OxygenOS 9.5.4 (international) and 9.5.5 (EU) roll out for OnePlus 7 Pro now. Both versions have several enhancements for the camera and overall system stability, including dual-button optimization to wake up and surround display. Changelog, which is identical for both, follows as usual.

  • System
    • Optimized double-press to wake up and surrounding monitor
    • Solve a problem that causes a sound delay with the Bluetooth headset while playing games
    • General bug fixes and enhancements
  • Camera

    • Improved image quality in HDR scenarios
    • Improved image quality in low light
    • Multiple Scenarios
    • Focus Scenario Problems
    • Obviously the focus of this update is on camera. Ryne noticed that low-light images have been smaller than the star lately, so it is good to see that OnePlus (hopefully) addresses it. Improvements to HDR are also welcome.

      If you are using a VPN to connect to Canada, you can probably catch the update now. Artem tried it and it was successful for him. I have no device to test for myself, unfortunately so your mileage may vary. Otherwise, wait for OTA to turn on the device. OnePlus is also looking for feedback on how to improve, so if you have constructive criticism and suggestions you can go here.

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