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New Orleans Film Production shut down as dangerous storm methods – Deadline

The film production is completely shut down in New Orleans in advance by Tropical Storm Barry, who is expected to make landfall as a category 1 hurricane on Saturday.

"All shows here are shut down but one and that one is shutting down at noon," said Cory Parker, New Orleans IATSE Local 478 Business Agent.

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Shows that have been shot in Baton Rouge and Hammond also close down to allow crews to come home before the weather gets worse. "All productions allow crews to go home and take care of their personal stuff, which is a wonderful thing," Parker said. "Everyone across the board is doing the right thing of the crew. No one makes any bad decisions." With almost two meters of rain, large parts of Louisiana were predicted in the coming days. The National Hurricane Center said tropical storm Barry was a little over night, and warning blood warnings were widespread.

"We are about 14 hours from what really strikes New Orleans," said Parker today at noon local time. "It doesn't even rain here right now, but everyone is abundantly cautious. We've been through this before." hours before the start of tropical power winds – "Production ceases at the end of the work that the watch is issued. Production should consider ending the working day at the end of eight hours of minimum working day. The day a clock is announced should be the last working day until the storm has gone. Employees may be requested to assist in production of equipment and premises hedges. At the end of the working day, local 478 employees (and those working in a local 478 craft) must be released from work until the weather threat has passed. "
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