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Woody Allen and Amazon put an end to legal battle

American film director Woody Allen and film studio Amazon have settled their legal conflict. Allen had sued Amazon Studios in February for breach of contract with the distribution of his film A Rainy Day in New York demanding $ 68 million from the company. That charge has been withdrawn. Under what conditions this has not been announced.

The film studio terminated the contract with Allen in 2017, even before the film was released. According to Amazon, Allen had violated the terms of the contract by commenting on the #MeToo movement.

Accusation of abuse

Allen's adopted daughter Dylan Farrow claims as a child by abusing him. Allen has always denied that accusation and has never been indicted.

Due to the rise of the #MeToo movement two years ago, the accusation at Allen's address became current again. Several actors said they no longer wanted to work with Allen. Allen would have said in response to the discussion that the move should not lead to a witch hunt.

The Allen-Amazon agreement meant that the company would distribute four films of him. A Rainy Day in New York has still not been released in the US, but beyond.

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