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Where else were the Oranges? Especially Máxima travels the world

India is the eighteenth country where the Oranges visit a state since William-Alexander is king. But state visits are not the only trips they make. RTL Nieuws' research editor looked at the king's and queen's calendars and mapped their visits.

The calendars, which go back more than three years, contain over 500 visits at home and abroad. In 67 cases it was foreign travel, or travel to the overseas areas of the Netherlands.

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Usually traveling together

When King Willem-Alexander goes abroad, he usually does this together with Máxima. For example, on a state visit to the United Kingdom, Australia or, as this week, India.

That's right, says Royal House expert Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen. "During a state visit, the royal couple usually come together. They are also received by the head of state and his partner. They also both play an important role during the visit. They do a lot together, but sometimes they also visit different things separately from each other in the land. "

Without Máxima, the king visited Dutch soldiers in Scotland and on the Aegean Sea. He also went to the Olympic Games in Rio and, with Amalia and Ariane, to the World Cup finals of the Orange Lions in Lyon.

Van Ditzhuyzen: "For the king it is always important to support the efforts of the Dutch and a whether Maximá or the princesses are there or not, there is always, utterly unnecessary, the search for everything, but in the end it is mainly what comes or not, just like any other family. "

Maxima often abroad

In particular, Queen Máxima often goes on international trips: she has been abroad for more than thirty times in recent years. This is mainly due to her second position: in addition to Queen of the Netherlands, Máxima is a special advocate for the United Nations for inclusive financing. Before that, she visited Nigeria, Ethiopia and Vietnam, among others, and participated in meetings of the UN or the International Monetary Fund in New York and Washington.

According to Van Ditzhuyzen, Máxima, with her UN function, puts the Netherlands on the map, but that is not her main goal. "What she does for the UN is good for the world. She is also not asked purely because she is queen. Máxima is someone who knows about mittens. She is really an expert in this field, with a lot of substantive knowledge. She can also be easier on the journey than the king, who as the head of state in the Netherlands now has many compulsory activities "

Connection between the Dutch

Within the Netherlands is remarkable how well the visits of especially King Willem-Alexander are distributed across the country. In each province, the king or the royal couple visit several times. How is it determined where the Oranges are going?

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Van Ditzhuyzen: "They receive an incredible amount of requests. Of course, it is a great honor if the King or Queen comes along, and it yields a lot, like attention in the press. very well where they go, it depends on whether the subject fits them, but also where it is, they try to divide it well, they like to go on projects that connect or encourage the Dutch, they will never go along. something that matters only to the self-interest of the organizer. Clearly political meetings cannot. "

All in all, the Oranges do not have an empty agenda: on average, every two days there comes a royal visit. In addition, there are also regular people visiting the king, such as ambassadors or high diplomats.

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