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Viewers and Waylon are affected by emotional audition in TVOH

Maaike already knows in advance which coach she would choose if it came to that. "I really would like to join Anouk." That choice is not just explained to Martijn. “It was my first song I ever sang with my dad so it's close. My dad used to play guitar and play everywhere and then I got to join him. "

Unfortunately, Maaike's father died four years ago of the effects of lung cancer. “I always did music with him. That's why I quit for two years, because I no longer felt the need to create music. De Zee by Trijntje Oosterhuis. She also sang this song during her father's cremation. "I'll sing the song to my dad because it means a lot. I just want to make him very proud. ”

Almost immediately after Maaike started singing, Waylon already knows enough. He immediately pushes the button. Secondly, Ali B. is also convinced of her qualities and wants her in her team. When the song is over, Maaike can barely stand her tears and when the audience gives her a standing ovation she breaks. Fortunately, Waylon is quick to give her a big hug. Ali can't just drop it. "Can I stand next to her? I just want to hold her, he says.

When Maaike explains the choice of song to the coaches, Waylon breaks. "He's so proud of you," he says, his voice shaking. “You have now done something that you have done to yourself, your father and your family. You touched me. "Maaike finally chooses Waylon, who once again hugs her. Viewers also reacted emotionally to the story and performance of Maaike.

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