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Unnstall honest about the PSV competition: “is not my strongest point”

The battle for a place under the bar at PSV has begun at the training camp in Marienfeld. In Germany, Lars Unnerstall and Jeroen Zoet, who both start again at “zero” after the arrival of coach Roger Schmidt, compete for the role of first goalkeeper.

Unnerstall had the most games under the bar in Eindhoven last season, but Schmidt is known for having set up a football goalkeeper due to his offensive style of play. “It makes sense that the goalkeeper team is open again,” Unnerstall says in conversations with Football International. “Jeroen is a good goalkeeper, but so am I. We have a new coach and a new goalkeeping coach (Raimond van der Gouw, ed.). They want to get an honest picture of everyone. I think that̵

7;s normal.”

Of the two goalkeepers, Zoet seems to be the best when it comes to football. “And I know that”, Unnerstall is realistic. “I’m a good goalkeeper, but playing football is not my strongest point. But I work on it. You’re never too old to learn. In the end, a goalkeeper also has to stop balls.”

Unnerstall indicates that he does not see the competition as something personal. “Jeroen and I are doing well together,” says the German concluding post. “We both want to be in the finish line, but we do not make that choice anyway? We can only show ourselves as well as possible in training and in competitions. There is a new coach, credit no longer exists. I just have to perform and then I hope just to keep it. “

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