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The man (39) “brutally” killed for life insurance money | Inland

The 39-year-old victim was killed in an extra brutal way, the court says. The victim was hit and punched several times and then placed in the back of his car tied up. There he was found by a passer-by on September 8, 1991. “Because R. denies having anything to do with the man dead, it never became clear what happened during those deadly days.

The man had entered into a comfortable marriage in 1988 with R’s roommate to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands. Thereafter, he was financially exploited by the Rotterdammer and his roommate. Shortly before his addiction ended ̵

1; at that time, three years of marriage were required for a residence permit – R. became the sole recipient of one of the life insurance policies, and the victim did not die long after.

Collect money

“The suspect was led by his thirst for money, the only possible motive for the victim’s death. For this, another’s life was killed,” the court said.

The sentence is two years lower than the prosecution’s demands. This is partly because the court has taken into account R.’s age.

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