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The battle over the viewer in streaming country

The Crown The Mocro Mafia The Morning Show and The Martian . Anyone who wants to watch these shows must subscribe to no less than four streaming services. It is the result of a battle approaching a preliminary climax.

In recent years, Netflix has had almost an exclusive right in the Netherlands to watch video on-demand number two Videoland is significantly smaller. This situation may change in the coming period. Earlier this month, Apple came up with its own TV offering, which is still very limited at the moment, and next Tuesday Disney will make a contribution as well.

"I think some of the viewers will switch to Disney +," says film journalist Omar Larabi. "The platform no doubt appeals to the imagination of families with children and they choose Disney rather than Netflix."

The Dutch streaming market is now dominated mainly by Netflix (figure Disney + is about users with a free subscription due to the trial phase, Apple TV + does not yet have data available):

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