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Teen mom-Jenelle points out the point of marriage

"I haven't really been active on social media lately, because I've focused on big changes in my life," Jenelle explains on Instagram. "I've been in front of the camera since I was seventeen. And many of those pictures aren't exactly beautiful. But that's my life. Like everyone else, I want the best for my kids and I want them to be happy. I've spent without Teen mom I have looked closely at my life and seen it differently. And I know it is time for a change. I am now starting it. " and Jenelle is now. "The kids and I are gone with David," said the star Teen Mom . "Nobody starts a marriage with the idea that it will end, but I know this is best for me and my children. I sent the papers today. I appreciate all the support. The children and I are fine. We need some time for ourselves. But you will find out more soon. "

David and Jenelle were in the news a lot this year after the reality star decided to kill the family dog. The two lost custody of their children through this case and Jenelle was no longer welcome on MTV to film Teen Mom . Then she indicated that she was considering divorce, but decided not to. Then the couple claimed it was all an advertising stunt, but they also pulled the statement again. In short: misery in the house Teen Mom .

Watch the video below to see all the drama over the past year around Jenelle.

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