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Student Nadia van de Ven was murdered with an uzi: "It's so unreal"

Nadia van de Ven was murdered at the age of 25 in his home in Utrecht. She was shot with an uzi in October 2002. In the "Life Cause" program, investigators, prosecutors prosecutors and relatives see the violent case.

The murder is discovered when Nadia's house parents come home and see blood-sprinkling everywhere. They decide to warn the police, who later finds Nadia van de Ven in the locked space by landlord Pascal F., directly the main suspect in the case. Later he could be arrested and persecuted

Mother Nadia van de Ven

Nadia van de Vens mother and sister tell me what they did when they heard that their loved one had been murdered. "You no longer know you live," tells her mother. "You only know that you have to fix things." Nadia's mother then calls with her second child, Lucinda

"Nadia is dead," she says. "It's so unreal," said Lucinda. "I remember that I asked how, because you're only thinking about a car accident. Of course, that was not so. She'd just been dead for one day."

"Brute violence"

"It's not every day that a girl in a student house is discontinued with an uzi, "said WNL crime journalist and programmer Wouter Laumans earlier in . ] WNL on Saturday . "In particular, the violent violence will never forget the detectives again."

Take a look at De Zaak van je Leven at NPO2 tomorrow at 20:25. This violence the violent murder of the 25-year-old Nadia van de Ven.

By: Thijs Kroezen

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