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Reese Witherspoon generates the teenage zone

Reese’s son Deacon released his very first single ‘Long Run’ last Friday. As a startup artist, you can of course use all the help and marketing. The actress decided to use her platform to deliver some streams to the apple eye, but Deacon doesn’t like how Reese wants to do it. According to Legally blondestar has to dance there and that is why she takes on the task of producing a viral TikTok dance.

Deacons cry closer than laugh. “Oh god no mom!” he responds to Reese’s suggestion. The actress then goes completely loose on the single to her son. The dance doesn̵

7;t seem to be ready yet, so Reese will have to practice it. Whether it still goes viral is the big question, but Deacon can certainly count on the support of his mother.

The BN’s children can also use it. For example, Linda de Mol’s son released his first single not so long ago. He talks about it in the video below.

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