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Rebellion at the premiere of Georgian gay film

In Georgia, police met with protesters last night at a premiere of a movie about the Georgian gay community. In the capital Tbilisi, hundreds of protesters tried to prevent And then we danced .

Hundreds of protesters, including ultranationalists, blocked the way outside the cinema where the premiere was. They shouted slogans and carried crosses and other religious symbols. Rainbow flags were also set on fire. "The film is an insult to our faith, our traditions and everything that is sacred," says one of the protesters.

And Then We Danced is in Tbilisi and is about a gay dancer who falls in love with an opponent. He tries to hide his orientation in the film because in Georgia, gays are not accepted by some of the population.

Despite the blockade, the premiere continued. Twelve protesters have been arrested. In addition to the opponents, a dozen gay rights activists also demonstrated at the cinema.

The film is directed by Swedish-Georgian director Levan Akin and is the Swedish post for Oscars. And Then We Dancing has been shown in Dutch cinemas since this week. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May and has since won several awards.

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