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Princess Anne is not waiting for attention on her birthday | Royals

The British court, like the last few days on social media, is becoming a decade in its life Anne , has released three new photos to mark the anniversary. The photos were taken by the photographer at the end of February John Swannell at home in Gatcombe Park by photographer John Swannell. British media can use the pictures from 11 o’clock on Friday. Swannell also took earlier official photos of the queen Elizabeth and has a long history with Anne, because he was also called in to take the official photos on her 40th, 50th and 60th birthday.

Anne herself was also not entirely consistent, as she contributed to an ITV documentary and a number of interviews. She was able to justify this herself, as it also meant drawing attention to the dozens of organizations, foundations and institutions for which she is the patron. The TV show also had the advantage that she herself could tell everyone that she does not think slowly down.

Public performances

Anne is known as the member of the royal family who has the most public appearances each year, although in recent years there has been a fight with her older brother Prince Charles. Anne does not shake hands for several days with four, five or six meetings outside the door and moves by car or helicopter to get everywhere on time. “And when she comes home in the evening, she immediately goes out again to feed the chickens or collect eggs,” said the daughter. Zara.

Princess Anne on Goodwill's horse at the 1976 Olympics.

Princess Anne on Goodwill’s horse at the 1976 Olympics.

The princess chose to join the “royal company” shortly after her high school days. She found a university education overrated, which she explained again in the documentary. She learned the royal trade from her parents, because there was no school for it. At the same time she became skilled in riding. In 1971 she became European champion and in 1976 she participated in the Olympic Games in Montreal. This later led to membership in the IOC.

Anne married twice and chose to have her children – born in the first marriage Mark Phillips, not to be given a title. Son Peter and daughter Zara repeated at ITV that they are still grateful for this.

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