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Police confirm: body found belongs to Glee actress Naya Rivera (33) | NOW

The body found on Monday in Lake Piru is the missing Naya Rivera, police in Ventura County, California said at a news conference. The JoyThe actress disappeared on a boat trip with her four-year-old son on the lake in California on July 8.

A police spokesman said during the press conference that he is sure that Rivera’s body is. Although an even more extensive autopsy is to be performed on the body, the spokesman said that the actress probably died under natural circumstances.

Rivera disappeared on Lake Piru on Wednesday after sailing with her four-year-old son Josey. The actress probably took a dip and then did not go back. As the rented boat was still not returned after three hours, the owners decided to look for it. They found their son Josey asleep and immediately alerted the police. The boy has now been placed in the family.

For the past six days, rescue workers and divers have been searching for the actress. Helicopters were also used during the search. When the news of a body was found on Monday, the actress’ family went to the lake. Some of Rivera’s JoyColleagues, including Heather Morris (who played Rivera’s character girlfriend), were also there.

Rivera’s body was found exactly seven years after Naya’s former co-star Cory Monteith – who died of an overdose in 2013.

Rivera worked as a model, singer and actress

Rivera was born on January 12, 1987 in Santa Clarita, California and had her first modeling job when she was eight months old. She broke through in 2009 with the role of cheerleader Santana Lopez in the musical comedy series Joy.

Rivera signed a record deal in 2011. Two years later, as a singer, she had a hit with the song Sorry, a collaboration with rapper Big Sean.

Rivera had a son with actor Ryan Dorsey

Rivera had a son Josey with actor Ryan Dorsey in September 2015. The two actors decided to split in December 2017.

Two months before the announcement that Dorsey and Rivera were divorcing, the actress was arrested for allegedly kicking and beating Dorsey during an argument. Rivera was not charged with the assault.

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