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Picture of Gigabyte Threadripper motherboard with fan on the chip that leaks – Computer – News

A teaser image of an as yet unknown AMD high-end desktop motherboard from Gigabyte has emerged. The motherboard has a TR4-like jack and robust chipset cooling with fan. Maybe it's a motherboard with the TRX40 chipset.

The teaser image, which leaked through VideoCardz, shows an as yet unknown Gigabyte Threadripper motherboard. It is not clear what kind of motherboard it is, but according to VideoCardz it is a TRX40 motherboard. The technical website does not provide any concrete evidence of this.

Aorus motherboard seems to have an e-atx form factor. The motherboard has active cooling on the chip, as with many X570 motherboards. In addition, the motherboard has robust VMs that are cooled with large heat veneers . Eight fog slots are also visible, as are four full PCI slots. In the lower right corner there also seems to be an extra contact, but it is difficult to see if it contains six or eight pins. This connector can be used for power supply to the chipset, but this is of course speculation. It is also possible that this connector is used to provide extra power to the PCI e-card slots. The motherboard also seems to contain two to three m2 connections for SSDs. Some changes can be noticed on the CPU socket itself. Maybe AMD is using the same TR4 jack as before.

According to rumors, AMD comes with three different chipsets for the upcoming Threadripper processors from AMD: TRX40, TRX80 and WRX80. These chips already appeared on the USB Implementers Forum website in August. The TRX40 would be the "cheaper" chipset. It is not yet known if the upcoming Threadripper 3000 processors will work on the current X399 motherboard.

According to VideoCardz, AMD will introduce the upcoming Threadripper CPUs on November 5. On this date, therefore, more must be known about possible new heat chips. AMD has not yet announced a specific date for the disclosure.

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