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Photos: Charly Luske undergoes hair transplant

The photos are accompanied by a long story about why Charly had chosen to go through the procedure. “I was always afraid that I, like my dad, would bump early. It didn’t happen. Not even after I turned 20 and not when I turned 30. But there was one thing that disturbed me all my life: my high Obviously because of the huge amount of brains I carry, but still I didn’t like it … ‘, he writes with a wink.

“A Strange Pride” and “A Kind of Glory That I’m Less Guy When I Change My Appearance Through Intervention” Initially, Charly still got in the way of doing something on his hairline. Yet he has found the courage to do something about the “persistent feeling”

;. A good decision, he says.

“I’m so glad I did! (…) I share this because I don’t want to be secretive about why my hair is suddenly so short. I had a problem and I fixed it.” The singer also says full of mockery that he also works with his personality, “but it takes a little longer, so wait …”

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