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Oldambt detects "unknown payments", transfers have been made for nine years – Groningen

The municipality of Oldambt has paid at least half a million euros to residents of the former municipality of Reiderland since its existence in 2010.

The exact amount has not yet been disclosed. It is certain that 38 people will be transferred monthly this year. Director Harry Wieringa assumes that since the reclassification, the group has been much larger than the current club of 38.

Financial reporting reviewed The municipality was digging through because of the million deficit. The municipality wanted to know exactly where the money goes.

When looking for possible savings, it was noted that monthly amounts are transferred to the accounts of dozens of people from the former Reiderland municipality. On average, this amounts to about € 1

,000 per year. "We were a little surprised and shocked," says Wieringa.

Old public transport agreements

According to the director, this old agreement made a few years after the turn of the century by the then university of Reiderland municipality was made with people who depended on public transport. "Reiderland did not have good connections at that time and public transport was inadequate," Wieringa knows.

When Reiderland merged with Winschoten and Scheemda in 2010, Reiderland never put this specific custom meeting on the table. ,, This schedule has simply slipped through. I don't suppose angry intent. Every week, thousands of transfers and debits go through the system with us. That these payments have not been recorded is due to the fact that they are contracts for an indefinite period. There were also no obligations. Checks have never been performed on these payments. ”

Payments stopped

Oldambt municipality will stop payments next year. Wieringa does not expect that it will lead to legal problems. "The agreements are indefinite, but as a municipality we can now show that public transport or public transport is well organized. Also for the residents of the former Reiderland. We can therefore no longer justify paying monthly amounts. We will reduce the amounts in the coming months. The liquidation will be completed by 2021. "

The discovery of" unknown payments "is not a reason for Oldambt to adjust the financial system.

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