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No more shows by corona? Singer Tim Knol goes for a walk with his fans

The walking club apparently fulfills a need, but Knol also has some shows planned on regular stages: in July and August he makes twelve performances at arenas such as Effenaar in Eindhoven and Patronaat in Haarlem.

When it comes to income, is he already back at the pre-corona crisis level? “No, it doesn’t work that way. The gages are now much lower than usual: for example, I had planned some shows this summer at big festivals, together with the band The Blue Grass Boogiemen. That kind of show is very lucrative, I miss it income now, but I can live a good life with what I’m doing now. Unfortunately, I can’t ask the band, because I don’t want them to work for free. I hope to have at least one big event with them this year.

“Something long term”

The walking club will continue to exist after the corona era, says Knol. In any case, he will develop the concept together with his record company Excelsior. The walks also do not end when the weather gets worse. “This is something in the long run. We are a little behind the facts, because we already have hundreds of members, but we are now working hard on an app so members can plan walks themselves.” There will also be a podcast to follow, there should be a magazine and a members day after the summer.

The walking club was born of necessity when the coronavirus struck, Knol says, “but it’s also a new beginning.”

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