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Mother Temptation-Channah open about drug history

Annemarie says that her father was very strict. If she came home a minute late, she would have been arrested for a week. "My father was someone with loose hands and very convincing," she explains. She was looking for a way out. In the beginning, she did it with books. "Through the books, I realized that there were also beautiful things in the world."

On October 13, 1989, she fled the house. "On November 10, 1989, I took the train to Amsterdam. The first day I hung around Dam Square." There she met people who took her home. "The following year was very tough. It was just survival. I went home or slept outside, in a subway station or in a park."

At that time, she also used a lot of drugs. "Drugs took away the pain." Yet these living conditions were better than her home situation. "I never thought about going home again."

When Channah's mother was seventeen, her life got a little better. She met a boy in a bar and after a few months she was a singer. This pregnancy saved her life. She was looking for a job and a new home. "It was the first time I experienced unconditional love."

Annemarie wanted to do it differently than her own parents. "I wanted to be sure my daughter would never have to lie about anything. (…) Recently, my daughter told me how much she appreciates me." Channah gave her mother an envelope as a birthday present. "I thought it was the money she had borrowed from me, but one turned out to be a photo of an echo." Later, their photo and story are shared on the internet.

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