Monique Westenberg

The twin opera André Hazes Jr. and his wife Monique ended in a nightmare. The relationship has not only collapsed, but Hazes has sent another one and a press release without informing ex Monique,

But Monique Westenberg bites herself. The woman who was under fire from the beginning because Rachel, André's mother, did not like her, was dumped and still wanted to deal with grief. There is no time for that.

Monique: ,, The press release that has just been issued on behalf of André's management is quite painful for me. After a bad summer we had another good time in the last few weeks and our son was very happy that dad was so much around us and it makes a mum's heart very happy. "

,, Last week we had one had a good conversation, after which we decided to put an end to our relationship. The reason for this is because it is not possible to make agreements on certain characteristics that are necessary to have a balance not only as an artist but also as a family. "

" I have not yet had time to give this a place and most importantly of the time and tranquility to try and explain to our son. "

" Today, André told me through an app that he has feelings for another woman he has been in contact with for a while. Who this just makes it even more painful. "

" The decision to release his press release now has everything to do with it. I would now like to have peace and quiet to try and explain this to my son in a calm way and process everything. "

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