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Maxim Hartman has shards of glass away from his hand

An accident can occur in a small corner, but can have consequences for several years. For Maxim, there were shards of glass in his hand. The presenter shares on Instagram that he has finally removed the pieces of glass. The Eternal Joker hides the procedure. “Natural fillers and plastic surgery, for extra masculine claws,” he writes on Instagram. He informed RTL Boulevard that he had undergone the treatment without anesthesia.

Maxim’s followers are used to turning everything into a joke and giving him a taste of his own medicine. “Does he like it now?” jokes a follower during the message. “In the end, you just stumbled across a loose shoelace,”

; another playful follower leaves behind. “You look ten years younger with your new lips,” sheds another light on the situation.

Maxim needs to rest now, but what he really will not see is the Eurovision movie from Netflix. The presenter thinks it’s pure “shit”. In the video below, he explains why.

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