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"Matthijs also shared a bed with Iris Hond"

  Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

Ten years ago Marco Borsato gave in to Iris Hond's charm. The pianist, who says he prefers older men, is said to have seduced another older well-known man who was married just like Marco.

Older man

,, Men I fall for are often the older, safer, more caring types, "Iris said in her own dating show Iris and the 1

2 dates. ,, Like: girl, I'll help you. A very young attractive guest, I don't usually notice it. “Iris seems to feel good because Marco naturally fits into the thoughtful older man. The one that seems to fit perfectly into it is Matthijs van Nieuwkerk!

Weekly Story writes that there have been rumors of Matthijs and his "adventure" in Amsterdam for several years and that insiders have shown for years that the presenter has shared the bed with Iris. This has never been confirmed, but Iris suggested that Matthijs was speaking outside the studio. She was what happened to him not long ago when Charles Aznavour, Matthijs's great idol, died. ,, I immediately thought of Matthijs when I heard it. I also immediately sent him an app, "said Iris in Het Parool. The fact that the presenter has contact with one of his guests in his spare time is very special, as it is known that Matthijs is quite impersonal when the cameras are turned off.


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