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King visits Volkel base and flies in F-16

In addition to Volkel Air Base, only F-16 fighters are stationed at Leeuwarden Air Base. They are intended for air defense and the provision of air support. Since 2017, the Netherlands and Belgium are alternately monitoring each other’s airspace and Luxembourg. Two F-16 fighter planes are constantly ready for this purpose, which can launch at any time in the event of a threat.

The Netherlands received its first F-16 in the late 1970s. The units were ultra-modern back then, but have been outdated for a while. The Air Force replaces them with the F-35, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter. The last F-16s are expected to remain in operation until 2024.

Queen Máxima also flew in an F-1

6 from Volkel Air Base 2014.

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