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Kick off the MECC carnival instead of Vrijthof, & # 39; zoepe is zoepe & # 39;

It was the fastest transformation operation ever at the MECC in Maastricht: in the hall where horses were still jumping yesterday afternoon, today, at the eleventh of the eleventh, thousands of liters of beer are flowing at the start of the carnival season. "We are ready for it and we are proud of it," said organizer Marcel van Eeghem this morning in the NOS Radio 1 Journal . "The beer smell will soon dominate the horse's scent."

This is the first time that fled to the MECC with . Due to strict demands from the municipality, it was no longer justified to hold the party at Vrijthof. "It was inevitable," says Van Eeghem. "At Vrijthof there was room for 1

0,000 people, which meant we had to disappoint you over 4000 carnival guests."

In the MECC, about three kilometers from Vrijthof, the organization found the space that the square did not make offers. "We have a bar of twice 60 meters and a stage with a length of 25 meters. We couldn't place these sizes on the square," Van Eeghem said. "In addition, we have many more options here when it comes to light and sound."

Vrijthof is still being considered. Large canvases hang on the wall with pictures of buildings around the square. "We took Vrijthof from the outside. Thanks to André Rieu, who will use the set for his Christmas concerts next month. We are very happy with that."

Wait for it

From the station in Maastricht buses go to MECC all morning. Full of carnival lovers. "It takes a little getting used to," said a party goer from Venlo to L1. "I'm surprised, but steadily is more of an outdoor business."

A woman from Sittard has minor problems with the new site. "I really don't mind. Zoepe is zoepe ", she summarized briefly.

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