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Interactive film by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is shown on Netflix | NOW

Of film Kimmy against pastor forms the final of the four-season series Criminal Kimmy Schmidt. In the interactive film, viewers can help determine the fate of the main character (played by Ellie Kemper).

For fifteen years she was locked up in an underground bunker, where she was lured by a man who called himself “the pastor” (Jon Hamm). Kimmy Schmidt, who is always in a good mood, who can now also be quite naive, built a new life in New York in four seasons. All lines seemed to have been completed in early 2019, but the manufacturers still took the chance to come up with a supplement.

As I said, it is an interactive film, which we saw earlier in the SF thriller Bander from Black mirrorseries. Kimmy against pastor is full of crazy twists and cool jokes. This is in line with the four previous seasons. The history of the film is constantly frozen to allow viewers to choose between two options. The first choice that follows: should Kimmy kiss her fiancé (Daniel Radcliffe) or better plan her wedding? It may sound like an unimportant decision, but you gradually discover the consequences of a particular choice.

Netflix now has several interactive movies and series online, but at Kimmy against pastor the technique was first used for comedy. “We could now hide a lot of jokes left in different places. You can get the same scene from a different point of view, which gives you completely different jokes. Some choices are pure comedy, others lead to moral dilemmas,”

; said creator Tina Fey.

The first episodes of the fourth season of Criminal Kimmy Schmidt appeared on Netflix in May 2018. The rest followed early last year. The series received a total of twenty nominations for an Emmy Award, but failed to get one.

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