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“I mean nothing to them”

Being put out on the street by your parents for being gay. It happens to 18-year-old Mounir Jamal. On Tuesday, he shared his emotional story on Instagram and has since been flooded with reactions.

“I’m very happy that there is attention to it and I wanted to too, but I never expected this,” Mounir said Wednesday night. The heart of the Netherlands. “I get the most positive messages, but also many death threats.”

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7;m giving you a week”

On Instagram, Mounir shares a message he received from his parents. “Make sure you do not sign up with us. And get the phone in your name and I’ll block you. I’ll give you a week, “it says.

Turn on the street

Two weeks ago, five days after his eighth birthday, Mounir was thrown out into the street. It is then four years since he came out. Since then, he’s lived in hell. “At that moment, my whole life turned upside down. I was constantly checked, threatened, traumatized and all because I’m gay. “

Mounir writes that he has been in a depression for several years, because he constantly “stamped on the ground”. According to Mounir, his parents even told him to kill himself. “I do not mean anything to them anymore. In a way, I’m glad they kicked me out, because I do not know what I would have done to myself if I had had to stay there for another four years. “

Not accepted

On Linda Meiden informs Mounir that he already suspected that his parents would not accept that he came out.

“My father is a Muslim and while my mother is not, she is behind my father’s choice,” he says on the platform. Mounir can not understand that parents “put their own flesh and blood on the street, because faith is more important than their children”.

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“You are so strong!”

Mounir urges his Instagram post to share as much as possible, to eradicate homosexual hatred. “We live in 2020 and that should not mean who or what you are.” Mounir gets many answers after he posted on Instagram.

Famous people also respond. “It’s unbelievable that such things will happen in 2020,” writes singer Duncan Laurence. And Nikkie Tutorials writes, “You’re so strong!”

Yet Mounir is also overwhelmed by the much attention he now suddenly receives, he says The heart of the Netherlands know. He wants to retire for a while and rest.

Photo: Instagram / Mieros

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