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Huawei opens its own web shop in the Netherlands – tablets and phones – news

Electronics manufacturer Huawei has put its own online shop online in the Netherlands. The manufacturer has sold many of its products so far through suppliers and retailers. In the store, Huawei also sells products that it does not offer through third parties.

The store has been online since Thursday morning, Huawei reports. The webshop contains smart glasses and a speaker that is not available through retailers in the Netherlands, says the manufacturer. Huawei offers free shipping and free returns.

Huawei tries to attract customers by offering a 50 percent discount on products with code, but only for the first ten customers who buy a product that day. A few minutes after the opening of the online shop, the code did not work or no longer worked for the offer that day, while the website still shows the promotional code and gives the impression that customers can get that discount.

In addition, the site displays a promotional code for products that will not be sold until the following days. Only after filling in all the details does it seem that the discount will not be deducted. This is not Huawei̵

7;s first online store in the Netherlands. The subsidiary brand Honor has had its own web shop since September last year where the products that Huawei releases under that brand.

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