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How Linda de Mol's daughter left a black eye on a striptease

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The start

The atmosphere was exuberant, says Noa. “We first saw a documentary and it was fun. Then came the show, men's striptease. That was really the highlight. Blouses went out, ribbons released, as it goes. The men got a lot of energy from the audience and at one point also threw clothes into the audience. “But of course they also had straps for….

The moment suprême

Just as Noa to another corner of looking at the stage, she feels something rocking against her face. A belt. In her eye. “Since I was just looking elsewhere, I felt that the thing was falling out of the sky. At that moment, I had to laugh so hard at the fact that this was happening, that I felt no pain. "

The victim

" After the show, it really started to hurt. I told my mom and she immediately saw that I was well met. I immediately got an ice pack on my head. “Since Noa only looked the other way, she didn't know who the perpetrator was at that time. Country No. He describes the moment on Radio 538 himself as follows: “I was too late to throw my blouse in the audience, so a moment later my belt flew away. But yes, a belt has two sides: a leather side and a tension side … "

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An anonymous eyewitness (called a name) observed the incident from a distance. “I actually saw Sanders blouse fly towards Jan Versteegh. Then Sander threw the belt into the crowd like a kind of desperation. I think it was his intention to throw the crowd much longer, but the belt made a weird turn and ended up in the front row. I knew Linda was sitting there, but the belt hit her daughter's eye, I didn't realize then. "


Although Noa and Sander no longer spoke to each other in person, Sander offered on Radio on Tuesday 538 apologize through Linda. Fortunately, they can both laugh about it. Linda: "It was the dumbest accident of all time." Sander can't help anyway, says Linda. "Because he was the star of the evening."

The aftermath

And Noah? He can also laugh very hard about it. Her face is no longer swollen, but still blue. "But I played hockey, so I'm used to some pain," she puts it in perspective. The only trick is that she has to explain to everyone what happened. But it also works well: "It's such an absurd story that everyone immediately believes it." .

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