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Here's how to get the galaxy skin in Fortnite

The one who plays Fortnite on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 can get that special galaxy skin. But: how are you doing? It's not hard, below you can read how to get it.

  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Skin Fortnite, you'll get it!

At the same time as Galaxy Note 9, the popular Fortnite game was unveiled on a number of Samsung phones. But unlike previous rumors, the game was not exclusive to Note 9. But one thing is unique when playing Fornite on that device or on the new Galaxy Tab S4: Galaxy skin. Now we already have a number of brand new Note 9 object (s) question: how are you?

Get your galaxy skin in Fortnite

All you need to do to get the galaxy skin on you Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 to play three pots. You must have filled in a game by pressing Return to the lobby . Only then does it count. If you played three times only a small dose of patience is required.

If everything goes well, Galaxy Skin will automatically appear on your Fortnite account within one to two days. With us it took a few hours. Even though we are not fanatic Fortnite players, it soon became clear that the Galaxy skin attracts much attention. And it undoubtedly makes you an extra attractive goal.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the extended Not 9 and Fortnite campaign in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, you can not only get the galaxy skin, but also an additional 15000 V dollars. This campaign is only in the United States, and not on this side of the Atlantic.

Others appear on eBay websites as first deals for the skin. For a few hundred euros, Galaxy Note 9 offers you the opportunity to play the three pots with your account on their device. How successful these intriguing senses are can not easily be said – but you can always try it out of course.

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