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#GeenDorHout: ‘This is not about an anonymous risk group, but about people’

Jacquie has several chronic conditions, including chronic bronchitis. This makes her extra vulnerable to the coronavirus. With her action, she wants to give a face to those who are vulnerable to corona, she tells NOS. “You are not talking about an anonymous risk group, but about people.”

Discussion about the vulnerable

The term “dry wood” was previously used by columnist and opinion leader Marianne Zwagerman. About the corona victim’s high average age, she tweeted in April: “The feelings really need to come from #koronadebat. The dry wood is cut, maybe a few months earlier than without the virus. Everyone who is still at the beginning of their life must have everything there. For sacrifice?”


The immediate reason for Jacquie’s action was a piece presented by epidemiologist Sander Borgsteede in Trouw yesterday. “Do we want to continue to protect the weaker until a vaccine is available, or are we willing to accept that weaker, older people die earlier,” he wrote.

“I’ve read a lot of these types of statements in articles in recent months and heard on TV,” Jacquie says. “If it were just two articles by Marianne Zwagerman, I would not have started this.”

Even young people in risk groups

She points out that not only the elderly are exposed to the virus and that healthy people sometimes die from it or have chronic complaints. “They also talk about me and my friends, many of whom are at risk. They are all young people. When people say my friends are going to die, I find it difficult.”

Jacquie sometimes also says that people with disabilities should protect themselves. “But it does not work that way. I can not stay for a few years. I have to go to the hospital regularly and then I have to take public transport. It is not possible in a society that does not take me into account.”

Among the messages from people who have responded to her calls on Twitter are stories of people who have overcome illness or have recovered from serious accidents. People who say they have not been out since March due to illness, or who only dare to go to the beach early in the morning, report.

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