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FOK.nl / News / Nightclubs watch “party movies” out of grief: “Why do they”

It gets busy everywhere, not only on the street but also in the bars. And this is where things happen that according to club owners can not be explained.

Nightclub watching “party movies” with sad eyes (Source: YouTube / AT5)

Various videos and photos circulate on social media of parties in hotel bars or in smaller party cafes. They will be wrong with the nightclubs, which must at least keep the doors closed until 1


“The feeling is awful, a kind of dichotomy, discouragement. A sense of why she is?”, says Pim Evers, chairman of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland in Amsterdam.

According to him, there is talk among club owners to only open themselves, but: “They do not dare, but every club works in a way that you can do something”in Evers.

The entertainment scene has long believed that with good ventilation and strict rules, something should be experimented with in the nightlife again.

The illegal parties, this weekend in Amsterdamse Bos, show the need for this again, according to Evers: “When young people” go out “they do not call 112 because you can get a fine of 400 euros for the man. We have a fairly safe environment in a club, know what to do if things go wrong.”

But while the virus still exists, the outlook for the industry is not exactly bright. Evers: “Suppose we come to the conclusion, really well-founded, that it is not possible at all. Then you have to save the clubs, because they fall over.”

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