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Farmers show up at Schiphol for protest | outback

Farmers have long questioned the calculation methods that show that aviation is only responsible for a small proportion of nitrogen emissions. This criticism has also been criticized, as the peasants would "abuse" the vulnerability of science. Yet they remain at their point.

For example, "serious measurement = know" stands on a prosthetic plate of a tractor.

Today, farmers protested in front of the door to the province of Noord-Holland in Haarlem. The activists came with an estimated more than two hundred tractors to demonstrate against the province's nitrogen policy.

Then they went home. According to a spokesman for Marechaussee, the farmers drove on to the Schiphol site, around the place where kiss & ride is. "But they left soon. It took a short time. In the end, a little happened."

A police spokesman also confirms that the peasants were on their way to Schiphol. Then agents seized and led the peasants away. It happened calmly. The farmers then drove on to the A9, sources reported to De Telegraaf. They stopped traffic for a while.

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