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Facebook begins merging Instagram and Messenger | NOW

Facebook has started merging the chats in the Instagram and Messenger apps. It discovered The limit.

Some users will see a message after installing the latest Instagram update. This requires the activation of a new chat feature, which gives access to new colors, emoji reactions and the ability to chat with Facebook friends.

When you activate the option, the chat button is replaced with the icon of the Facebook chat app Messenger, whose underlying system is used for talking. This also makes it possible to talk to Facebook friends, even if that feature is not working at the moment.

The merger is a way for Facebook to attract more users to Messenger. By allowing all Instagram users to use this chat service, the number of active Messenger chatters is growing at once.

Facebook has been planning to merge its chat services for a long time. Over time, the apps must also work more closely with Facebook̵

7;s other chat app WhatsApp. It is not yet known exactly when this will happen.

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