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Facebook and Twitter are interfering with the incorrect coronation message Trump

In the interview, Trump talked about reopening schools in the United States. In addition, he said that children are “almost certainly immune” to coronavirus. Trump published the excerpt on Facebook and Twitter.

False statement

“This video contains the false claim that a group of people are immune to Covid-19,” a Facebook spokesman said in a statement last night. “This violates our Covid Malicious Information Policy.” That would be specifically Trump’s statement about children.

The fragment was seen longer in a message on the Twitter account for Trump̵

7;s campaign, but that platform has also intervened. The account could not post new messages before the relevant tweet was deleted. This happened later in the evening (local time).

This is not the first time Facebook has removed a message from the US President. In June, an ad from the campaign team had to be released due to the use of a controversial symbol.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously been accused of not taking sufficient action against Trump’s statements on his platform, especially during the protests in the United States after George Floyd’s death. “When the looting begins, shooting will begin,” Trump posted on Facebook at the time. Among other things, Zuckerberg’s own staff expressed dissatisfaction with leaving the message, which they believed would stimulate violence.

Twitter measures

Twitter has also repeatedly taken action against messages from Trump’s account by publishing warnings with its tweets. In it, the company said that the information shared by the president may be incorrect. ‘Manipulated media’, Twitter posted a video where a fake CNN logo was made.

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