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Expedition-Mariana says "sorry" for middle finger to Akwasi

The uprising began because of a movie because a movie appeared on Instagram. Here you can see how Mariana expresses her heart in front of the camera. "I would just like to do it to Akwasi," she says, raising her middle finger. “Because I thought it was really incredible what he did yesterday just before the merger dinner. I thought it was low! "

The movie caused a lot of negative reactions. "She really has to get lost" and "scary man" are some of the reactions in the video. The opposite RTL Boulevard Mariana says he completely forgot about the incident. “I don't remember that either. This is probably due to lack of sleep and hunger. I was really looking forward to dinner at the merger. But sorry Akwasi! "

Then she responds to all the negativity she has received as a result. “Akwasi then invites them to send this bitch some love, but it has become more hateful people. He asked for love. Let's keep it nice. "

The furious Kalvin explains exactly why he killed his ally Mariana in Robinson Confessions . You can see his section below.

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