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Ex-BFF Kylie Jenner turns out 'pregnant' after adultery with ex Khloé

Jokes and grunts are a priority for Jordyn, as evidenced by her latest YouTube video. Kylie's former best friend did a Q&A on her channel, with younger sister Jodie (14) being her right hand. One fan asked the brunette if she was already on the market, but the 22-year-old then pretends to be pregnant. "Guys, I want to announce something," she begins. "I'm expecting … a six-pack."

Sister Jodie liked it at least. Then Jordyn makes it clear that she has no one at all in sight at this moment. "I'm single and expecting a six-pack, if I keep working hard for them," the brunette explains. However, she knows exactly what she wants from a new relationship. "The ideal man is, however cliché that sounds, someone who is passionate, passionate, someone who is the best at what he does and intelligent."

But that does not stop there. The brunette has a number of other requirements that her future friend must meet. "I can't stand it if I can't have a good conversation with someone and a lot of men can't," Jordyn said. "They don't know how to keep a conversation going. I don't want to waste my time. A good sense of humor and a stylish person is nice too. So I can list a whole laundry list, but I'm not picky."

Jordyn's jokes about her 'pregnancy' also come exactly nine months after it was announced that she had kissed with Tristan, Khloé's then friend. In the end, this meant the end of the relationship between the basketball player and the blonde, but also Kylie had enough of it and pointed her best friend Jordyn to the door. The reality star is in any case too busy to worry about this kind of thing. As you can see in the video below, the youngest KarJenner is a billionaire and has built up an entire empire.

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