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Eva Jinek and Jennifer Hoffman sell vinegar to cervical cancer Entertainment

Eva and Jennifer as ambassador of the Female Cancer Foundation explain how the vinegar can help. „With a cotton swab with a few drops of normal vinegar you can touch the womb. If the tissue discolores, there are suspicious cells, ”says Jinek LINDA .

Normally, the tissue on the uterus is pink, but if it turns white, that is a signal that is rapidly dividing cells are present. If it turns out that there are indeed suspicious cells, there seems to be a simple solution. "By allowing the uterine to be treated with nitrogen, the tissue dies. Those cells will never return. Yes: it sounds like a fairy tale. But this method can save lives ”, she goes on.

" It is appealing to think that this type of cancer still exists "

In the Netherlands, all women from thirty to sixty years are called for a smear of the cervix But abroad is not always the case. Every two minutes, a woman dies of cervical cancer somewhere in the world. About 85 percent of these women live in a developing country, without access to good care. "That is why we want to spread this knowledge in poorer countries", explains Eva.

The Female Cancer Foundation tries to combat this poverty-related disease with the relatively simple method with vinegar and nitrogen. For example, women in developing countries can also be tested and protected for this life-threatening disease. "With the knowledge we have about cervical cancer, it is fascinating to note that this type of cancer still exists," adds Jennifer.

Female Cancer Foundation

Eva and Jennifer find it bizarre that this method is not well known. "It's idiotic how easy it is to detect cervical cancer. Sometimes I myself almost doubt the story. Then I look again at how it works exactly, ”says Hoffman.

The yield of the bottle of vinegar, which has been given the form of a female body, goes to the Female Cancer Foundation. This foundation provides information to foreign governments, health authorities and women's organizations on the fight against cervical cancer

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