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Edwin Noorlander left Radio 538 at the end of August

Edwin Noorlander will make his final program on Radio 538 on August 22. The DJ must leave the station due to the reorganization of the parent company Talpa Network. His departure was in the air for a while, but has now been confirmed. After almost nine years, Edwin, who can now be heard on weekends, leaves with the radio station.

“I look back on fantastic years and a dream come true,” Edwin writes on his Instagram. “How many hours of radio have I spent on 538? Of course my weekend shows, the 53N8 programs and the countless regular acquisitions in the weekday programming. But I also look back on” Show Zonder Naam “and the live events with great pleasure.”


He does not yet know what Radio 538 DJ will do after August. “In the near future I will take a moment to think. In any case, I will continue to broaden my horizons. Because I have many more interests. And I look forward to it! We̵

7;ll see. Thank you in advance for listening. “

Edwin started the night on Radio 538 in October 2011. Over the years, he did several shows on the channel, including “The Show Without a Name”, along with Eddy Keur. In 2020 he will do a show on the weekends from 3 pm to 6 pm

Jurjen Gofers and Dennis Hoebee previously left Radio Veronica, also part of Talpa Network, also because of the reorganization of the media company.

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