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Dutch MH17 mission spied by Ukraine

Dutch agents, military personnel, OM staff and diplomats in Ukraine have been spied by secret services from Ukraine and Russia after the MH17 disaster. That means well imported sources to RTL News. The spy in Ukraine is very sensitive, espionage of a friendly country is incredible.

After the collapse of the MH17 flight on July 17, 2014, tens of Dutch officials went to Ukraine for a criminal investigation into the disaster and the recovery of victims and their belongings. This meant close cooperation with Ukraine. It is also a member of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which conducts criminal investigations in the disaster.

But the same country now seems to have spied in Dutch, with interrogators in hotel rooms and spyware on electronic devices. A high source confirms the sensitivity of espionage of Ukraine, but points out that Russia's espionage would be more structural and comprehensive.

Special Booths to Embassy

As it was lost on such a large scale, everyone was to Ukraine, advice was to be careful and not use Wi-Fi networks and always send confidential information encrypted sources. Official officials explained in confidential briefings the risks and dangers that they had to pay attention to.

The risk of losing was so great that it was recommended to keep confidential conversations in the embassy only in specialty boxes. Everything out there was felt unsafe, say those involved.

Members of the rescue mission at the crash site in Grabovo. (Photo: ANP)

Equipment Destroyed

Warnings for espionage were not unreasonable: In Ukraine, cameras and microphones from smartphones, tablets and laptops suddenly snapped up and devices apparently searched for Wi-Fi networks. The hotel rooms would also find listening devices.

When you watched phones and tablets from returnees, illegal software was detected.

The mission from various sides was discovered, is very credible, says terrorist researcher Jelle van Buuren from Leiden University. 19659003] It was also Ukraine as a partner in the criminal investigation. It is no surprise to him: "In the intelligence world, you have no friends, mostly temporary partners," he explains. "Interests sometimes respond, sometimes irrelevant and sometimes it's a gray area. It's a constant exercise that wants to know everything, especially in such a politically sensitive issue."

GroenLinks demands clarification

"I It is important that now that this has come to the surface, the Netherlands says to Ukraine: this is not possible, we are on the same side and we should not work on a secret agenda, saying GroenLinks MP Bram van Oijk. "I suppose the Netherlands will confront Ukraine with these results and ask for clarification."

"It's not normal, says Sjoerd Sjoerdsma from the government party D66" but unfortunately, we have to conclude that espionage is always and everywhere, but it's not so beautiful. "Sjoerdma's coalition partner Chris van Dam (CDA) wants to know from the cabinet that" our services were prepared for this danger then ".

Political reporter Fons Lambie of RTL News was in November 2014 in the same hotel in Kharkov where the mission was held. He also warned about espionage, including through the hotel's Wi-Fi network. There the assignment had rented a complete floor in the hotel, partly because of espionage.

Secret Discussions

If valuable information is found in the interception is not known. It is obvious that the Dutch government still takes the worst regard today. The recent decision to keep Russia in charge has been suspended in the deepest secrecy, out of reach of possible interception devices and vulnerable means of communication. Everything was done to prevent spying and leakage of sensitive information.

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RTL News asked the prosecutor's office, the police and all relevant ministries for an explanation and comment on a series of questions about this informative.

Ministerial Answer

In a joint reply (.pdf), the Public Prosecutor, the Police and Justice and Security Ministries, General Affairs, Home and Foreign Affairs and Defense – after consultation with the Security Service – confirm that it is "conceivable". was that other parties would collect intelligence ", partly because MH17's flight had crashed in a" conflict area where major geopolitical interests played. "

In order to prevent espionage from Ukraine and Russia's police officers, attention was always drawn to the fact that someone could listen to. or watch ". "The advice to them was therefore: Suppose this happens and adjust your behavior by phone and laptop", stated in the statement. The ministries, police and prosecutor do not want to address the specific issues that RTL News presented to them.

Sensitive Issues

The fact that the Netherlands is in the stomach with Ukraine's espionage proceedings is evidenced by the fact that the Incident was not reported in the two investigations made in the presence of the government after the disaster.

The research conducted by the University of Twente on behalf of the Science Research and Documentation Center does not mention the spy. Why it is not mentioned in the report, lead researcher René Torenvlied says: "It is not in the report, so we will not comment on it."

No word from the police

Also in own evaluation of the National Police do not say a word about espionage of Ukraine. The spy of Russia is also not discussed in both evaluations.

The sensitivity of espionage is also evident when RTL News questions the police. The latter says that even questions – with an appeal to the Open Government Act (Wob) – will not be answered on any actions about the espionage issue, and that this will be reviewed by the Supreme Administrative Judge, the Government Council

. ] Salvage Mission

The purpose of the mission was to get the victims' bodies and their possessions to the Netherlands. In addition to the agents and soldiers for the rescue mission, OM personnel fly in for criminal investigation less than a week after the disaster.

A month later, JIT was officially established for this, including Australia and Ukraine, Belgium and Malaysia

Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg. Photo: ANP

The rescue mission, led by police commissioner Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, officially started on July 27th. The team consisted of agents from the National Forensic Investigation Team (LTFO) and members of the Special Security Command Brigade (BSB).

Headquarters in Kharkov

At the end of the mission there were 700 agents and soldiers in Ukraine and even a field hospital was set up in Kharkov.

The team for the rescue mission was finally in Ukraine until spring 2015. There was a break because the disaster area due to the winter and the fighting between the Ukrainian army and separatists was not always available.

Ukraine on its own

The espionage is not the first event that shows that cooperation between Ukraine and the Netherlands is not always smooth. Without Dutch knowledge, the Ukrainian secret service says the word "false news" yet by the end of 2014 – an operation to discredit Russia.

Ukrainians report an attack on the Dutch delegation, with former Minister Bert Koenders, is foiled. Dutch secret services dismiss the story as "war propaganda" because there is no evidence for it.

298 people lost their lives during the MH17 disaster. Among them 196 Dutch. The plane was taken out of the air by a rocket that came from the Russian army.

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