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“Dirty games are played around the corona” – The Daily Standard

At Trouw, they are completely upset. Research from Kieskompas shows that about 10% of Dutch people believe that “dirty games are played” around the new Chinese coronavirus.

Kieskompas sent a questionnaire to the Dutch to find out: how many Dutch people believe in “conspiracy theories” regarding the new Chinese coronavirus. Or rather: how many Dutch people question the government’s (missman) policy and the seriousness of the virus?

The result is shocking for Kieskompas himself and Trouw: about ten percent of Dutch people “think dirty games are played around the crown.” This feeling seems to live mainly among “supporters of right-wing parties.”


One of the conspiracy theories in question is the possibility that the “vaccine” contains a chip. “22 percent of the people who voted for PVV 2017 think that this hypothesis is credible or very credible. SGP voters score even higher points. 29 percent think that the statement (a lot) is credible. Voters at the Forum for Democracy and SP (both 9 percent) also have these thoughts, ”but to a lesser extent.

Another “conspiracy theory” (with Trouw and Kieskompas) is that the virus was developed by pharmaceutical companies. 7.7 percent of the people think this is credible and 9.8 percent are neutral. So you’re talking about almost 18 percent of the people who think it’s possible.

And then there is the “theory” that the virus was developed by China as a weapon against the West. 8.5 percent think this is credible, 11.9 percent are neutral when it comes to. In other words, 20 percent of Dutch people exclude that this is the case.

When it comes to Trouw and André Krouwel from Kieskompas, this is a huge problem. “It’s okay if 40 percent think the assassination of US President Kennedy was a conspiracy. But this is different in a pandemic. Then 10 percent is a significant group that can undermine public health, says Krouwel. “For example, a high proportion of the population must be vaccinated with vaccination, otherwise you will not receive group protection. And with Covid-19, you see that if too many do not follow the rules, the number of infections increases. “

In other words, if people think that “dirty games” are being played, they are a danger to the rest of society. That’s what Krouwel is saying. Yes, even if it’s only 10 percent of society … It’s striking experts “crew immunity” must be about 70 percent amounts. Even if the 10 percent do not allow themselves to be vaccinated, group immunity should therefore arise. Or am I missing something and is it necessary for this new coronavirus that at least 95% of the population is vaccinated / made immune?

And what does Krouwel want to do with it? There is already a lot of censorship. Should it be done on an even larger scale? Or maybe the lord wants “spreaders” of “conspiracy theories” to be dealt with much more harshly, for example with large fines or even imprisonment?

Questions, questions, questions.

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