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Despite all the success, Floor Jansen has only one number: her daughter Freja

Floor Jansen has lived and worked in Finland for several years and has been successful both there and abroad as a singer for the Finnish metal band "Nightwish". Through the television program "Best singer" she is now also known and loved by the general Dutch public.

Twenty years in the industry
“And that's fantastic! But sometimes it's really overwhelming, "says Floor in the radio program" Music and Zo "from Omroep Brabant." But of course it's not that I just came to look, I've been in the business for almost twenty years. and you know what might be the best thing about the success of Best Singer? In this way I have been able to remove the prejudices around metal music a bit and have shown that heavy metal is more than coarse music by men in leather jackets. "

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Floor was born in Goirle, lived in Tilburg, studied at Rock Academy in Tilburg and attended high school in Veghel. the school and especially one of the teachers had a great impact on her future.

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Shy, gray mouse
" this is a beautiful and special story to tell. I had lessons there from a teacher who actually made sure I started making music. You have to imagine that I was a very shy, gray mouse then. I was also bullied. So not so nice. But then I got one of the main roles in the school musical and he had taken care of it. We also wrote songs together. He recently sent me a letter, wondering if I still knew all this. Of course, I remember, he was my great source of inspiration! ”

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Almost a professional football player
When Floor Jansen tells about his life, a picture of a strong woman appears, but also a woman who has to hold many balls in the air. And you have to go from one role to another. After all, she is not only a singer, but also a daughter, wife and mother. How does she make sure that all the balls don't crash?

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"Haha," laughs Floor, "when you see how they sometimes roll in all directions, I almost feel like a professional footballer. really just a big ball. And it's Nightwish. After twenty years and a burnout I also know better what I can and can't do. But it's really true that I have a lot of different hats on. It goes well, but sometimes It's exciting. Because you don't always have an understanding of what's going on. "

Freja on number one
Given the agenda, there is no question of rest in the coming period. Hubby, the Swedish Hannes van Dahl, drummer for the Swedish metal band Sabaton, is currently in America and Floor is preparing for her world tour with Nightwish (including a sold out Ziggo Dome November 24, 2020). She thinks it is even more important to enjoy this period in the Netherlands , with his two and a half year old daughter Freja. "My daughter just likes it when we're here. Because that means we're going to her grandparents. She's doing well and that's what's important. She's number one for me. She always leads."

Listen below the conversation Floor Jansen had with Jordy Graat:

Floor Jansen talks with Jordy Graat from Omroep Brabant [19659018]
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