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“Copyright claim against Disney for stuntman in Toy Story 4” | NOW

The company K&K Promotions is alleged to have sued Disney for copyright infringement. The animation studio would have recreated the iconic motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel without permission Toy Story 4. It reports TMZ Wednesday based on legal documents.

The new character Duke Caboom is similar to the iconic cyclist, who became famous in the 1960s for his wavy stunts in striking clothes. IN Toy Story 4 Caboom is a live toy doll who likes to show off but can’t actually perform impressive stunts.

Toy Story 4 features a character who looks a lot like Evel Knievel. (Photo: Disney)

Parodies are basically allowed in movies. Under U.S. copyright law, a parody belowfair use̵

6;, so companies do not need to ask permission to make fun of anything. This works differently for satire: an image may not be used freely to score your own points.

K&K Promotions would also state in their statement that Disney has made a lot of money on the goods from Toy Story 4. Duke Caboom has been for sale in reality as a toy doll since the launch of the animated film.

Evel Knievel during a stunt 1975. (Photo: Brunopress)

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