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Voluntary prioritization in the European Commission’s migration plan

If this proves to be insufficient, the European Commission will ask Member States if they can contribute even more. If the income from the tour is also insufficient, countries may be forced to accept asylum seekers or provide a higher financial contribution. It can only be stopped by a qualified majority of countries, so that a minority cannot block it. …

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Woman sending letter to Trump with poison accused of threatening | NOW

The Canadian woman who was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of sending a letter to the deadly poison ricin to US President Donald Trump was officially accused of threatening on Tuesday. The woman is currently in prison. In the letter to the President of the United States, the woman threatened to poison or shoot Trump again if the first letter …

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More than 200,000 Americans infected with corona died | NOW

More than 200,000 Americans who have tested positive for coronavirus have died, according to research from Johns Hopkins University on Tuesday. During the past two weeks, most of the infected deaths were reported in the states of Texas, Florida and California. In these states, the most positive people tested are also registered. Since April, the United States has been the …

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Trump Candidate for Ginsburg | inheritance on Saturday Abroad

Trump had already said he would present a name by the end of this week. Nomination to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the United States, is eagerly awaited. Judges are appointed for life by the Senate. Trump’s Republicans hold 53 of the 100 Senate seats. Although two Republican senators have said they do not want to appoint a …

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Explosion at Hezbollah weapons depot in southern Lebanon Inland

However, a television channel operated by Hezbollah stated that the cause is not yet clear. Members of the Iran-affiliated group have cordoned off the area around the explosion in Ain Qana city. According to initial reports, there were injuries, but the Lebanese Red Cross could not say anything about the victims. Explosion capital The capital Beirut was shaken by a …

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Opera in Madrid was closed after screaming visitors Abroad

The protest came from the spectators who sat on balconies. They felt that not enough distance was kept from the cheaper places, but the more expensive places. Pictures circulating on social media show that the theater is really full. You can hear them clapping loudly to make the dissatisfaction clear. The conductor still managed to complete the overture but then …

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