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Catalan parliamentary president victims of spy attack

The president of the Catalan parliament and two other politicians who are in favor of Catalan independence have probably been the target of a spy attack. Their mobile phones were infected with spyware from the Israeli NSO group, according to the Spanish newspaper El País and the British newspaper The Guardian. This software is only sold by this company to …

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“Astronomical” number of people shot New York | Abroad

Virtually all forms of crime are much more common in the metropolis. While in the United States there were arguments for abolishing or radical cuts for the police, shooting incidents in New York increased by 130 percent from June 2019. There were also many more burglaries and car thefts than a year earlier, police say. Police Chief Dermot Shea complained …

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Corona expert Fauci is increasingly attacked | Abroad

Dr. Anthony Fauci is increasingly contradicting Trump. ⓒ photo REUTERS Washington – The White House is actively criticizing America’s top corona expert Anthony Fauci. Anonymous officials gave several media a list of times when Fauci made mistakes according to the White House. Fauci has strongly disagreed with Trump on the corona method in recent weeks and warned that America is …

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California is closing cafes and cinemas again due to a sharp increase in corona figures NOW

In the US state of California, cafes must be closed again and restaurants, cinemas and museums must no longer let people in. The governor of California announced this on Monday. Gyms, places of worship, hairdressers, beauty salons and shopping malls are also closed in thirty most populous regions of the state. This includes Los Angeles and areas around San Francisco. …

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Ghislaine Maxwell rolled phone over foil to fool the FBI Entertainment

Prosecutors announced Monday that a cell phone had been found in the home Maxwell, wrapped in aluminum foil. It is believed that she had done it to disturb the signal and be less easy to track. “Madame” is said to be “very skilled at playing skin and search”, which is why prosecutors believe that her bail should be dismissed. As …

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