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6 health benefits with six RTL News

Sex is of course important for a loving relationship. But did you know that it also benefits your immune system, blood pressure and heart? In this article, Dokterdokter.nl discusses six health benefits of sex that have emerged through scientific research. Benefit 1: Sex reduces stress Sex helps reduce stress. This was evidenced by a Scottish study published in Biological Psychology …

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Button after flu shot is disrespectful outback

President Ted van Essen of the Dutch Influenza Foundation (NIS) proposed before the day of the National Flu Day to have all caregivers carry a button if they received a flu shot. "I would like to know that from someone who takes care of me or intervenes with me." In addition, it would also be an incentive for others to …

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"Health care providers who have had the flu must have a button"

"I would like to know that from someone who takes care of me or performs procedures on my behalf." In addition, the button would encourage others to get the shot, he says ahead of National Flu Day. For reasons of integrity, the idea of ​​buttons in our country will not be addressed quickly, Van Essen believes. But according to him, …

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Does indoor plants really improve air quality? – Well.nl

Plants are beautiful, cozy and give a good feeling, as if you still have something of nature in your house. But do they really improve the air quality, as many claim? A 1989 NASA study showed that plants clean the air in your home. Since then, several studies have been conducted to confirm this. And yet the effect of plants …

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How healthy are the cozy candles anyway?

Candles are real mood makers in the house, especially when it's dark outside. But how healthy is the cozy light anyway? Not at all, according to various studies. Not so healthy As the days get shorter, there is automatically more media attention for typical autumn topics. Light is a good example of this. The perspectives are many, as a result …

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Researcher: Dutch NIP tests more reliable than expected

In the Netherlands, pregnant women and their partners have the choice whether or not to have prenatal screening. Previously, the combination test was the only prenatal test for all pregnant women. You could only do NIPT if the test showed an increased risk of deviation. But that has been possible since April 2017. In the first year, 73,000 pregnant women …

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