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Fans sure know: "Meghan Markle is pregnant again"

The reason for speculation this time is due to a photo taken during the Remembrance Festival at Royal Albert Hall. Prince Harry and Meghan were placed on the delicate plate and it shows how Meghan wears a dress that extends slightly over her waist. Meghan managed to hide her first pregnancy well. So she always wore the right dresses and …

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Paula (88) from Sesame Street passed away

Sleyp also played a role in the role of a baroness, a lady dressed in purple and gray with a French accent that Mr. Aart constantly called "Monsieur Baart." Sesame Street. She turned 88. In the excerpt below, Paula talks to Ieniemienie: Source link

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Tess Milne is pregnant again with her twin sister | NOW

Tess Milne is pregnant again with her single twin sister Lisa. The presenter herself figured out in May 2020, she writes Monday in a video in which she publicly announces the news of her own pregnancy on Instagram. In early November, Milne shared with her followers on Instagram that her sister Lisa is pregnant. "I become an aunt again," the …

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First pictures from the new Keizervrouwen series

From Sunday, November 10, a new exciting crime series can be seen at NPO 3: Emperor's Women Sex, Drugs and Violence The lead roles are played by Karina Smulders and Imanuelle Grives. They are former friends. Smulders plays Xandra Keizer, who is sucked into a world full of sex, drugs and violence. Read more about Emperor women . See the …

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Great grief for friend Frenkie de Jong

"Today, a week ago, we had our last hug and kiss with our grandmother. I've never felt so much pain than when my father told me you went to heaven," Mikkky writes on Instagram. "This week was filled with tears. You are my greatest role model, the strongest, smartest and funniest woman I know. Together forever Grandma." Source link

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André stands up for Bridget | entertainment

"I did not leave with Monique for Bridget . I did not cheat on Monique with Bridget," André begins his story. "My relationship was already over with Monique, and one of they have gone faster than the other. " The singer continues the message:" I sent Monique an app that I met with someone I have contact with. "And that …

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