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Busy evening stop due to bad autumn weather

The chance of a hectic evening mood is high, especially in the western country, as much rain is expected for the rest of the day. From the west, showers are operated all over the country with the risk of hail, thunderstorms and wind showers, Weerplaza reports.

Saint Martin

For today, the weather forecast does not mean much for the celebration of Saint Martin. Parents who let their children sing along the doors to pick up candy must take into account a temperature of 6 to 7 degrees and a cold breeze.

In addition, the so-called Mercury transition is not visible. Several observatories wanted to welcome the public so that people could see through a telescope how the planet Mercury passes in front of the sun, but because of the clouds they abandon it. Some observatories offer live streams from the transition.

The Mercury transition begins at Mercury is a small dot in front of the sun. The sun goes down at 4.53 with Mercury ahead. The last time the transition was seen was May 9, 201

6. Enthusiasts have to wait a long time for the following options: it will not be until November 13, 2032.

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