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Bridget Maasland confirms André Hazes | entertainment

The 45-year-old Bridget and the twenty-year younger André know each other "barely", according to Bridget's boss, although there is also a persistent rumor in showbizz that he and they rather took the chance to get to know each other better. According to the manager, the two quietly take time in the coming period to see how the relationship develops.

An insider earlier this Sunday confirmed to Private that Bridget Maasland is André's new love. He himself confirmed this in a statement to RTL Boulevard . "I have recently had contact with Bridget Maasland and we are investigating whether we like it together," he said. "Out of respect for our son's mother and him, I told Monique. It is my right, because we have been apart for a while now and no longer live together."

  August photo by Bridget and André

Augusti- photo by Bridget and André

Monique already suggested on Saturday that André has feelings for another woman" with whom he has been in contact for a while "." Who this is makes it even more painful, "she said.

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