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Brexit Party withdraws partially for Brexit | abroad

The British electoral system is based on districts where the candidate with the most votes can seat the entire district. If two parties cast candidates for Brexit in the fight, the chance of seats for Brexit opponents increases, Farage fears.

According to SkyNews, he said the party came to the decision based on votes. They stated that in constituencies in Wales and southern England, including London, "Brexiteers" are divided if they will vote for the party of Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson or the Brexit party on December 1


One of the driving forces behind campaigns including Farage to remove the country from the EU, the rich "Brexit sponsor" Arron Fraser Banks, has recently called on the Conservatives to vote. He said that this is obviously not good for Farage's party, "but it is more important that we help Boris get a majority to get Brexit done." Banks and other critics of his responded shocked to the plan because it would cause a divide, "which would open the door to the main home on 10 Downing Street for (Labor) Jeremy Corbyn." He wants a new referendum on Brexit. [19659002] Premier Johnson, seeing his chances of a victory increase, reacted enthusiastically. He said he was pleased "that Farage realizes that another parliament without a majority to make a decision would soon be the biggest threat to Brexit. Only a conservative majority can achieve Brexit by the end of January." According to some English media, the decision is also a deep He actually wanted to enter into a kind of alliance with Johnson in the election campaign, but the prime minister has ignored Farage's offer of a "Leave Alliance".

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