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“Bram Krikke hit by Van Rossems” | Entertainment

With the music in the old VPRO program Sow steps into the background Bram on the bike to ride. The DJ cycles from a campsite through the meadows and at a certain time wants to turn right and therefore he extends his hand to indicate direction. But then suddenly a yellow car appears on the left of the screen and drives into Bram.

The DJ has edited the video in such a way that it looks like Maarten in Vincent van Rossem struck him, but in reality the clip comes from one of the brothers̵

7; travel programs. “Klerenlijer! Get out of here, bastard, “Maarten shouts from the passenger seat.” This must be the most miserable car ride I’ve ever done in my life, “you hear Maarten’s blessing.

Bram adds appropriate text to his video in the caption. “I will never ride a bike again.”

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