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Beta macOS Catalina shows images of ignorant 16 "MacBook Pro – Computer – News

The latest beets from macOS Catalina display icons for the unpublished 16 "display MacBook Pro. Images differ slightly from the current 15" models in MacBook Pro.

the edges around the screen slightly smaller on the images in the 16 "version, reports MacGeneration. The MacRumors site confirms that there are images in beta. Apart from that, the Touch Bar is no longer a solid line, but looks like There are two separate buttons on the pages where MacBook Air, for example, has the Esc key and On / Off button with fingerprint scanner.

The design does not differ much from the current MacBooks, with the same shapes, curves, color scheme and material usage. that the 1

6-inch version of the MacBook Pro is coming. Rumors of recent months talked about a release this fall with an announcement in October, so far as we know, Apple has not planned an event by the end of October. MacBook Air at an event during the last week of October.

The 16 "version of the MacBook Pro would have a screen resolution of 3072×1920 pixels and a new type of keyboard. Apple laptops in recent years have many problems with the Butterfly keyboard developed by the manufacturer, so MacBooks would switch to a more traditional mechanism with scissors switches in the coming years.

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